Site Builder and Script Installer

Script Installer Overview

ZackyTools Installer is a FREE software application installer you get with every paid web hosting plan. It includes 52 popular software applications. You can setup any of the following software products with just one click of the mouse: CMS, Web Site Builders, Blogs, Discussion Boards, Image Galleries, GuestBooks, eCommerce Solutions, Customer Support Management systems, Ad Management, Calendar, Classified Ads, F.A.Q., Groupware, Polls & Surveys, Web Hosting Tools, and Wikies. ZackyTools Installer is your helpful assistant - no technical knowledge required!

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Site Builder

The Soholaunch web site builder can be used efficiently both by novices and experts. With Soholaunch you can create a multifunctional website in no time, without any costs. The version of Soholaunch is the basic one. The Soholaunch web site builder is included for FREE with any of our paid web hosting plans. See our paid web hosting here.

Web Site building in 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1. Choose a template for your site;
  • Step 2. Choose page you would have on your site;
  • Step 3. Enter your site Title and Email address;
  • Step 4. Preview and Edit your pages' content;